Creativity by Charles Debelak

Teaching Creativity at Birchwood School of Hawken

CREATIVITY: A Way of Life My goal in this blog series is to explore how we can teach our children to become creative. Our strategy will be to connect what is known about creativity and creative production with the educational content, experiences and training that make creative thinking skills accessible to parents, educators and children.…

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Parenting for Character 6 by Charles Debelak

Parenting for Character 6

Teaching Justice and Compassion As discussed in my last blog, teaching children about virtue has three functions. First, since children have the latent capacity and yearning to be virtuous, the teaching of virtue kindles and motivates these tendencies. Next the teaching of virtue educates their conscience through which children develop a keen sense of right…

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Parenting for Character 5 by Charles Debelak

Parenting for Character 5 Teaching Virtue

WHY TEACH VIRTUE? Before continuing our discussion about the seven moral virtues, I would like to reemphasize the importance of teaching children about virtue, especially through story. Teaching virtue through stories, including fables, myths or cultural maxims, is a powerful tool for cultivating virtue and character. This is because the capacity for virtue is latent…

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