Child Development

From birth, every child has the innate potential to lead an honorable, dignified and productive human life. Though intellectual abilities and talents may vary, the qualities that mark great people are consistent: hard working, self-disciplined, productive, and compassionate.

But the realization of that potential requires the development of habits starting in early childhood. Too often the development of study skills, those that require discipline and diligence, are not undertaken until high school. By then, many bad habits are already formed and are difficult to change. We hold that the early inculcation of habits builds a foundation of ethics and values from which character is formed.

Such habits are shaped within a culture of achievement, which:

  1. Teaches children the achievement cycle of goal-setting, hard work and success, a cycle that provides self-confidence, self-esteem and the inspiration for greater achievements
  2. Encourages, fosters and rewards academic achievement
  3. Recognizes the talents and virtues of other students in a supportive and collaborative environment

Birchwood School of Hawken students discover and utilize their innate potential to achieve and they practice the qualities that mark great people every day from preschool through the eighth grade and beyond.


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