Founders’ Beliefs and Practice

Birchwood School is a preschool through eighth grade private, independent school. Its focus is academic, providing a rigorous curriculum for all learners, including bright and gifted children, while emphasizing habits of industry. Parents exploring education options for their children will want to be familiar with five distinguishing features of Birchwood’s program that make the school unique in Northeast Ohio.

Child Development

From birth, every child has the innate potential to lead an honorable, dignified and productive human life. Though intellectual abilities and talents may vary, the qualities that mark great people are consistent – hard working, self-disciplined, productive, and compassionate. MORE>>

Academic Programming

Curriculum must be derived from time-tested, research based pedagogy and practice. Quality programming is determined as such only when the result is student growth and achievement. MORE>>

Nurturing Character

Nurturing character in children requires two components, teaching and training. The teaching component provides instruction about virtue and morality, particularly presenting models of people, past and present, who exemplify good character. MORE>>

Teaching Professionals

Attaining the highest levels of academic training requires that teachers:

  1. Aspire toward excellence in their field
  2. Draw expertise from their profession at large MORE>>

Home/School Collaboration

A key component for student success is a close working relationship between home and school. MORE>>

Affordability & Access

At Birchwood School we would like to make attendance available to any family who wishes to provide their child with the kind of academic training and personal development that we offer. MORE>>


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“With its small classes and emphasis on hard work and good citizenship, Birchwood did an excellent job of preparing my sons not just for high school, but for their lives as adults.”

Jim Henke –
Birchwood School parent