International Festival and Auction (IFA)

Thank You for Supporting Birchwood’s Signature Programs

Birchwood School of Hawken held its 22nd International Festival and Auction (IFA) on Saturday December 3. The event was hosted by the Parent Committee and made possible through the time, talent and dedication of countless parents, staff, students, and school supporters.

The IFA has a long and vital history. Begun both as a celebration of Birchwood’s multicultural community and a source of health insurance funding for Birchwood’s teachers and staff, the IFA has evolved into the school’s single-largest fundraiser. It is an opportunity for families to come together in support of our school.
Proceeds from the event support three areas. First are Birchwood’s Signature Programs: opportunities and competitions designed to provide children rich educational experiences seldom found in traditional classrooms and which extend learning in meaningful ways. With the support of the Birchwood community, it is possible to cover the costs of competition fees, offer travel scholarships, provide prep materials and, of course, staff each academic team with extraordinary Birchwood teachers.

Second, the IFA supports professional development. Teachers are the heart of Birchwood School of Hawken. Students at Birchwood succeed because our teachers are subject-matter specialists capable of differentiating and individualizing curriculum so that all students meet and exceed their potential. Thus, continuing education and the personal intellectual and character development for each teacher is a vital component of superior education.

Third, each year a specific funding initiative is identified for the annual Fund-a-Need. This year, the focus was again on Signature Programs.

Thanks to the tremendous Birchwood community of – students, family, friends and supporters – the 2016 IFA has been the most successful to date.


The silent auction featured as part of the December International Festival and Auction (IFA) featured some wonderful items, all to benefit Signature Programs offered at Birchwood School of Hawken.