Birchwood School Matriculation 1996-2015

Public Schools Number Attending
Rocky River 9
Westlake 7
Lakewood 4
Bay Village 3
Brecksville 2
Medina 2
North Olmsted 2
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics 1
Parma 1
Shaker Heights 1
Private Schools Number Attending
Hawken 45
Hathaway Brown 33
St. Edward 30
St. Ignatius 16
Magnificat 14
University School 9
Lake Ridge Academy 7
Laurel 4
Lutheran West 4
Gilmour Academy 3
St. Joseph Academy 2
Phillips Exeter Academy 1
Western Reserve Academy 1

Birchwood School Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) Results 2015

Grade Equivalent: compares student achievement according to grade level standards. For example, Birchwood School third grade students took the test when they were rated a 3.8, that is third grade, eighth month. But their grade equivalent score was 5.6 meaning they performed at the fifth grade level in the sixth month of school. This does not mean that they should be placed in the fifth grade. Rather it describes a child’s achievement along a developmental continuum.

National Score Norms: this score compares each class as a whole with national scores and assigns a comparative percentile rating.

Grade Level Grade Equivalent National School Norms Private School Norms
First grade (1.8) 2.7 99% 84%
Second grade (2.8) 4.6 99% 87%
Third grade (3.8) 5.6 99% 83%
Fourth grade (4.8) 7.8 99% 80%
Fifth grade (5.8) 9.4 99% 81%
Sixth grade (6.8) 10.7 99% 86%
Seventh grade (7.8) 13.0+ 99% 87%
Eighth grade did not take the ITBS test. Most students had already taken high school entrance exams and they used the ITBS testing week for community service projects.

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