Our mission is to equip children to lead a life of becoming – growing, thriving and flourishing – through the development of intellect and character.

Birchwood School of Hawken

Inspires children to set goals, be productive and develop an attitude toward life that is positive, purposeful and fulfilling.

Develops in children the habits and ethics of hard work, self-discipline, fortitude and responsibility so children can reach their goals.

Equips children with the highest standards of academic training, including a robust knowledge base, the ability to think critically and creatively, and the skills to be a problem solver.

Shapes the conscience of each child, teaching them to know the good, love the good and do the good.

Philosophical and Theoretical Base

From the beginning, Birchwood’s mission has been to develop character through challenging academics. It was evident that if the school was to be successful, it was essential to build a program upon a first class academic curriculum and sound principles for child development. Based on historical principles corroborated by contemporary research, this approach not only draws important components from the best of both worlds, but also helps avoid misguided educational bandwagons or the restrictions of archaic academic assumptions.


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I am grateful for my Birchwood education not only because of its high academic quality, but also because I was motivated and encouraged to realize my potential. I now have the building blocks for lifelong achievement.

A.B. of Cleveland –

Birchwood Student