Reading Curriculum Overview

We believe that not only should children learn to read, but they should also become avid readers. Children should be immersed in an environment in which good literature is enjoyed and celebrated.

Each day, across grade levels, children read: silently, aloud, in groups, with a partner, or curled up in a corner. They hear the language of good stories and the style of great authors as teachers at every grade level read aloud and introduce classes to the best in children’s literature. Classics and award-winning literature, from times past and today, foster a love of reading and a respect for literature’s place in human life and development.

Regular opportunities to read nonfiction afford chances to discover the world outside and the world of potential interests within the students. Poetry is more than a unit of study once a year; it is a source of enjoyment and reflection throughout the year. Words are celebrated, discussion and reflection are cultivated, and the classroom is a place where all the qualities of good readers are shared.

The reading program contains three vital goals upon which instruction is developed. Students will:

Teachers accommodate varying reading abilities through three strands of learning: content, process and product. The content is adjusted with the quantity and sophistication of the reading material.The process of higher order thinking applied to literature helps a teacher to engage students at the deepest level of analysis/interpretation to which they are able. Products requiring written analysis and multi-step creative oral/artistic planning provide opportunities for varying degrees of expression.

Students in grades 1-8 participate in an annual “poetry show” of choral speaking each year. Each show is well-rehearsed and presented to family and friends complete with props and staging. Students in preschool and kindergarten put on a "sharing show" each spring featuring poetry as well as songs and music.

The Avid Readers Club provides an additional reading elective for students in grades 1-8 who would like to read a classical literature selection each quarter and then discuss it with a teacher and their peers during a fun lunchtime meeting that includes a special treat to be enjoyed by all.