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August 2013, marked Birchwood’s 30th anniversary. What is potentially most astonishing is that while most private schools are founded – and funded – by philanthropists, Birchwood started as the passion project of concerned parents.

We focused on building our academics rather than our donor base, and, thus, for most of our history, the school operated almost solely from tuition while supporting an academic program equal to if not better than any in Northeast Ohio.

In the last few years, however, we recognized our need to grow and enrich academic offerings as well as expand enrollment. Doing so requires support from our community. Every gift, no matter its size, matters and all are tax-deductible!

As Birchwood has dedicated itself to peerless academics, it has simultaneously committed itself to careful financial stewardship. The result is exceptional value. For 30 years, we have maintained the lowest tuition of any of our private school peers while producing some of Cleveland’s highest performing students.

Thus, be assured that your support directly enables us to offer even greater opportunity to our students and to insure the future of the school for generations to come. Join us today in insuring that countless future generations enjoy the world-class education provided at Birchwood School of Hawken.

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Support Birchwood

For 30 years, Birchwood has maintained affordable tuition while producing some of Cleveland’s highest performing students. Your support allows us to offer even greater opportunities to our students.