Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at Birchwood School of HawkenSince the beginning, Birchwood has relied on and flourished because of volunteers. The principle of community and volunteerism is so important to our school that two of our four foundational pillars speak to its importance:

Pillar 3: We promote home-school collaboration that ensures student achievement and growth.

Pillar 4: We urge everyone associated with Birchwood School of Hawken to assume personal responsibility for the welfare of the Birchwood community at large.

With a view to maintain and strengthen the school’s sense of family and mutuality, Birchwood School of Hawken requests that parents participate in school service projects. We ask all families to volunteer 5-10 hours a year to school with any eye towards maintaining and strengthening the school’s sense of family and mutuality—the sense of community. Service and service projects are outlined by the Birchwood School of Hawken Parent Committee and opportunities are available throughout the year and will be updated regularly; so be sure to visit often and sign up!

Click here for Birchwood school-wide volunteer opportunities
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The Birchwood School of Hawken Parent Committee has valued volunteer hours at $50 per hour. If a family is unable to commit to doing five hours for an academic year, they may donate $250 in lieu of those hours.

Parent volunteers assisting with set up for Birchwood’s International Festival and Auction.

Volunteering at Birchwood School of Hawken.

A Birchwood parent volunteers to speak to students participating in Future Problem Solving.